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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 394 “Something’s Wrong 3 ”

Chapter 394 “Something’s Wrong (3)”

“Monarch Rank? So the demon beasts out here have already devolved into such a weakened state now?”

When compared to the Demon Realm, the demon beasts out here in the Mortal Realm would naturally be much weaker. If not for Di Cang’s lack of interest during his time here over the years, he would’ve already known about these facts, hence the reason why he had to call Fire Plume (subordinate) to investigate.

“No matter, they may be weak but they are still good enough to be my son’s bodyguard. I will personally make a visit to the Abyss to have an encounter with them. As for you, stay here and protect your queen and prince.”

“Yes, my king,” bowing his head, Di Cang’s subordinate respectfully complies with the order.


The next day.

On the bustling streets of the royal city, the events from yesterday was still the talk of the day among the populace. But not everyone was interested in other’s business. Take Wang Xiaopeng (chubby) for example. The boy was still busy stuffing his mouth with the meat buns that he could barely make out his words to his friend.

“Oh Xiachen, you really are my big brother. From now on if anyone dares to bully me then I’m going to throw out your name and have the Holy Land shroud over me too!”

Despite being older than his friend there, the chubby was rather complacent and smooth in calling Bai Xiachen the big brother. The kid had no ulterior motives really, he only wants to show those who exiled him from home what it means to cross him!

“Wang Xiaopeng,” Bai Xiachen eyes his friend with an intrigued look, “I’ve been meaning to ask you this but what sort of mistake did you commit to make your grandfather kick you out of your home anyways?”

First wiping his mouth after ingesting that giant portion, Wang Xiaopeng proudly cocks his head high like he did no wrong: “I beat the crap out of someone. The person then went to protest in front of my grandfather and threatened him, adding in the coercion from the other old farts in the family, my grandfather could only yield and expel us from our home.”

“Then why did you beat him?”

“I didn’t like the way he looks.”

Didn’t like the way he looks?

Popping his big little eyes, Bai Xiachen was filled with astonishment and horror at his friend’s statement.

Because you didn’t like the way he looks so you beat him?

What kind of reasoning is that?

It’s no wonder Uncle Wang would often beat him, turns out its Xiaopang who is the unreasonable one here.


Suddenly screams broke out among the busy market, causing the chubby to jerk up out of reflex and dropping his bun in the process. But before they could make out what’s happening, the poor chubby boy had already been swept away by a giant behemoth of unknown origin.

“Xiaopeng!” Jumping up, Bai Xiachen screams for his friend that’s quickly disappearing from sight.

By this point the baby white tiger had also been alarmed to the commotion. Jerking up also from his resting spot nearby, Little Rice swiftly goes on the offensive by raising all of his hair up in a predatory stance.

“Little Rice, hurry and chase!”

With the order made, the baby have time to worry about the fact that it’s the main street in the market. Following a puff of smoke, he’s now a gallant white tiger of considerable size.

“Fast!” Mounting his friend with a swift swing of his body, Bai Xiachen pursues his friend’s tail in close quarter.

As for the frightened crowd who finally managed to recover from the shocking scene, most were scrambling to flee for their lives while some kind-hearted ones rushed off to make the news clear to the Lan House.

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While the outside was breaking out into a mess, Bai Yan on the other hand was lazing around in her own garden until one of the servants frantically barged in on her beauty rest.

“Miss, something big has happened!”

Frowning at that claim, she looks up to be surprised by the presence of another stranger standing there, “What happened?”

“It’s… it’s your son, the young master is in trouble.”


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