Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 391 “A Unusual Teacher and Student Relationship 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 391 “A Unusual Teacher and Student Relationship 2 ”

Chapter 391 “A Unusual Teacher and Student Relationship (2)”

“Sixth grade Regrowth Dan pill,” her expression darkens with each passing word while eyeing the three elders, “Didn’t I already show you three how to refine this one before? I’ve only been away for a couple of months and this is the results you show me, or are the three of you trying to fool me with some kind of unknown method?”

Gulping hard at that interrogation, it was Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) who first tried to make excuses: “No… It’s not like that Yan Yan, I really did learn how to make this Regrowth Dan pill. I know, it must be because I’m too excited to see you today, that’s why I made the blunder and failed.”

In terms of being a shifu, the three of them really aren’t up to par; however, that’s only because their precious disciple was too outstanding!

“Is that so?” Bai Yan clicks her tongue, not believing it one bit, “I will lend you my cauldron instead so you can show me the progress you’ve made during my time away, or is it that you’ve been too busy flirting with your good female friends instead?”

Of her three shifus here, only Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) had the bad habit of being a lascivious old fart, that’s why his alchemy and cultivation was the worst among them all.

As much as he would love to look for more excuses under this predicament, the Third Elder knew there’s no way out at this stage. Trembling at the sight of the menacing cauldron in front of him, he carefully gathers the necessary ingredients for another attempt.

Unfortunately for this senior, the more nervous he was the more mistakes he would make. Therefore, it didn’t take long before the muffled sound of failure signaled the end of his session once again.

Unlike the ordinary cauldrons that can be found out there though, this one brought out by Bai Yan had the special feature of containing any blast from within and not sustain any damage, meaning the process can be repeated without danger to the user.

Even so, the failure continues…. and continues….

Ready to cry now upon seeing the gloominess on his precious disciple’s face, Qiu Shu Rong’s (Third Elder) anxiety was starting to take over: “I really did succeed back at the Holy Land, I really did~ if you don’t believe me then ask your two shifus over there. I really wasn’t slacking off, I swear!”

In response, Zheng Qi (First Elder) and Ren Yi (Second Elder) only shot over an unhelpful look of we can’t save you so don’t ask face, thus sending the third brother there literally trickling with tears of helplessness.

Sighing at this exhausting picture, Bai Yan knew she can’t push this any further less she puts her shifu into a nervous breakdown. “First follow the method I taught you from before and I will guide you through the rest from the side.”

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“Okay…..” Wiping his old eyes of any remaining tears, Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) musters up his last remnant of pride to tackle this problem.


The entire treasury hall was dead silent after watching this outrageous scene, especially Old Lord Lan who was gawking his eyes out at the interactions between the four.

Have you ever seen a disciple who dares to scold their shifu?

Have you ever seen a shifu being scolded by their disciple?

Have you ever seen the disciple guiding the shifu instead?

NO! Of course not. That’s completely again the norms.

What’s more, the shifus of his precious granddaughter were the elders of the Holy Land! Strong, prestigious, why are they acting like little puppies waiting to be pitied?

Swallowing hard in his mouth, Old Lord Lan wanted many answers to his questions for none of this was making sense to him.


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