Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 388 “Ready to Faint From Surprise 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 388 “Ready to Faint From Surprise 1 ”

Chapter 388 “Ready to Faint From Surprise (1)”


Old Lord Lan didn’t even have the opportunity to reply to that message because his terrified mind had been interrupted by the porcelain vase crashing down to the ground.

“Who did you just say? Yan Yan’s shifus?”

“Yes, my lord, the three seniors claim to be Miss Bai Yan’s three shifus.”

The servant did not panic nor did he get all excited, he only found it strange why the family chief would be showing such a strange expression at the wonderful news.

“Let’s go, we will personally welcome our guests!” Tensing up in his fists, the old grandpa was moving with fleeting grace that looked like he was mannequin floating on clouds. Then again, that’s mainly due to his dizzying state and not some special form of walking.

Originally he could keep up his calm face because he didn’t want to embarrass Bai Yan in front of her shifus, but now…..

When Old Lord Lan finally came face to face with the three elders in front reception hall, that’s when his composure completely fell apart. Rushing over with surging emotions, the grandpa excitedly pulls at the three’s hand like a kid in a playground.

“It’s a great pleasure to finally meet the three of you. I am Yan Yan’s grandfather, everyone calls me Old Lan. If the three of you like, please call me by my nickname Tian Tian like my late father.”

A stumbling mess, this was no way for a head of a family to greet a formal guest. If anything, this was more like an immature lad trying to make friends for the first time. Then again, this wasn’t all that surprising. The Lan House has never encountered people of such stature, therefore it’s only normal that they would react so awkwardly.

As for the three chief elders, they only found the grandpa a tad overly enthusiastic. “Tian Tian ah,” Ren Yi immediately got into character and started familiarizing with the host, “You have a great daughter (Lan Yue) you know, giving us such a good disciple. If not for her, Yan Yan never would’ve came to us in the end.”

“Oh the shame, the shame. When my daughter insisted on marrying Bai Zheng Xiang back then I was foolish and broke off the relationship between us. For that mistake, I couldn’t give Yan Yan much care in her youth.” The old grandpa flails his arms around, unsure where to put them as he tries to explain.

Understanding the meaning behind that explanation, the three elders then exchanged an approving nod with each other and laughed. If Old Lord Lan didn’t come honest and tried to build connections with the Holy Land using Bai Yan’s identity then they would’ve been very turned off. However, thankfully this was not the case.

That’s right, a family that can be taken to heart by our precious disciple can’t be bad. It seems we’ve been bias in our opinion here.

“Don’t say it like that Lord Lan,” Zheng Qi’s (First Elder) then raises a genuine smile, “Yan Yan have often talked about the Lan House while in our care. Oh right, we were in such a rush this time that we forgot to prepare a proper gift. Please accept this bottle of sixth grade Dan pills in its place.”

Six-Sixth grade? The poor grandpa wanted to faint.

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On this day he not only saw the legendary elders of the Holy Land, but they also brought him a meeting gift?

Painfully looking over the hot kettle in his hand, Old Lord Lan could only gnash his teeth in regret: “This… is too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

“Why?” Zheng Qi’s (First Elder) reveals an incomprehensible frown.

If it was an average person then they would’ve surely jumped with glee, but this was completely the opposite of that. This Lan family really doesn’t follow the common sense.


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