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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 369 “Face Slapping 1 ”

Chapter 369 “Face Slapping (1)”

“Sir Lu…” Seeing the strange look that’s coming from the man, the guard then went ahead to explain the situation: “The elders are angry because you didn’t receive them at the city gate.”

“So that’s why,” only then does he become enlightened.

If that’s the case then it’s easy….

Putting on a graceful smile, Lu Zifeng then slowly strolled towards the three seniors like a scholar, only to be quickly followed by the mismatched Bai Zhi and her nunnery appearance.

So what if you seduced Di Cang? In the end you still have to submit to my Holy Land’s might!

“Elders, this time it is indeed my fault for being so negligent in not receiving the three of you at the gates. Please forgive me for my carelessness.”

“Mhmm,” Zheng Qi (First Elder) was the first to respond, “Who are you?”

Going stiff in the face, the foolish man could only press on, knowing full well he’s in no position to get angry. “Dear elders, I am called Lu Zifeng, a disciple of the Holy land. Maybe it’s because my identity is too humble so you might not have heard of me in the past.”

“Lu Zifeng? Never heard of it. When did we have such a person in our Holy Land?” Wrinkling his brow, Zheng Qi (First Elder) makes it sound like there never existed such a person within their ranks.

Transforming into a ghostly white without a spec of blood on his face, Lu Zifeng was overwhelmed with horror at the three elders in front of him.

This… didn’t the Holy Land send me here to recruit some more disciples? Why would the elders here not know of my name?

“Elders, is there some sort of mistake? If there’s any doubt then please have a look over my identification token.” After saying that, he then hurriedly hands over the shiny object to the three for inspection.

In light of the respectful attitude, Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) didn’t give a shit and snatched the thing right up before roaring out: “How dare you, impersonating yourself as a disciple of the Holy Land! Who gave you such courage to pull off such a deceitful thing?”

This time not even Lu Zifeng can continue keeping up his façade. Falling into a panic at the eyes shooting his way, he began stuttering like a train wreck: “Elders, th-that token…. It has m-my name on it”

Sneering at the fool for not getting it, the Third Elder continues: “So what if your name is on it? If I say you are not my Holy Land’s disciple then you are no longer a member!”

Losing it completely, he finally got it. These three aren’t making any mistake, they are deliberately trying to drive him out of the sect!

But I did nothing wrong, why are they trying to drive me away? Is it just because I didn’t send someone to receive them at the city’s gate?

While one person was trying to figure out the cause, the rest of the crowds here weren’t so quiet. Breaking out into an uproar, they simply can’t imagine how the high-spirited individual from moments ago would suddenly be turned into a stray dog the next.

Like the rest, Bai Zhi was also quite aware of how bad the situation was becoming for her end. Loosening her hand that’s grasping onto the man’s, she deliberately makes some distance to the side like the act alone would save her from being involved.

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Normally this would be quite hurtful for any man; however, Lu Zifeng didn’t have the patience to care about these small details at the current time. Tightening his fist until it’s clenched so tight that the sound of bones crunching together could be heard, he demands an answer: “Elders, I admit I did make a mistake in neglecting your welcoming committee, but…. the task of overseeing the recruitment process was handed to me by the Lord himself. It’s only normal that I would have to be here at all times. No matter how high the three of your positions are, you can’t just expel me without reason.”

This time it was Ren Yi (Second Elder) who reacted because he was quite taken aback by how ignorant this man was, Even now he still doesn’t get it and is talking back at us?

“When did the Lord let you serve as the judge?” Zheng Qi (First Elder) began to sneer, “Do you not see the little princess is here? As if the Lord would have you oversee the task instead of her!”

Little princess? Suddenly widening his eyes in utter shock, the man couldn’t believe his own ears.


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