Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 360 “Bai Xiao VS Nangong Yi 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 360 “Bai Xiao VS Nangong Yi 2 ”

Chapter 360 “Bai Xiao VS Nangong Yi (2)”

A woman’s beauty is nothing more than a skin sac in the end. Besides, such a poisonous heart will only be a misfortune for any who marries her.


It was then Lu Zifeng’s brow had wrinkled into a knot because his eyes had inadvertently landed on the girl sitting next to his target. Naturally this would be Chu Yi Yi, the one and only Princess of the Holy Land.

“Zhi, do you know who that girl is sitting beside the woman? Why do I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before….”

This question instantly causes the black hearted Bai Zhi to tense up. With vigilance in her eyes, she carefully forms a random answer: “She is Bai Yan’s…. maid!”

That’s right, that girl is always circling around Bai Yan. If she’s not a maid then what else can she be? Did that bitch catch Brother Lu’s fancy?

“So it’s just a maid?” Exhaling a sigh of relief, Lu Zifeng didn’t doubt his love’s word at all, “If it’s just a maid then there’s nothing to care about. We can just ignore that group.”

Though he says that, but the man here just couldn’t resist casting another glance over to the girl in question. Something was nagging at the back of his head that he’s seen her somewhere….

As a mere inner circle disciple, it’s only normal that Lu Zifeng wouldn’t have the pleasure of meeting the great princess of his sect. The most would be a passing glimpse of the girl from a far away distance; after all, considering how vast and huge the Holy Land’s territory was, only the core disciples – which resides in the core area of the sect – would have the opportunity to greet the girl under normal circumstances.

“Just like I thought, that Nangong Yi really is truly useless!” By the time this man had shifted his attention back to the arena, the former crown prince was already losing ground and had signs of being overwhelmed.

If not for Zhi’s sake, I would never waste a forbidden pill on such a useless garbage.

As frosty and disdainful his eyes were, Lu Zifeng had no compulsion to interfere here. He’s long planned for something like this so it’s entirely within his expectations.

Bai Xiao must die today!


Meanwhile back in the audience section, the masses were all shocked by the amazing display of power shown to them by the determined lad. For that reason alone, their eyes were full of contempt for the now defunct prince of their own kingdom.

“Didn’t they all say the Crown Prince, oh wait, it’s the former Crown Prince of the Liu Huo Kingdom now. Didn’t they say he’s the number one genius of our kingdom? Its one thing that he couldn’t defeat Lord Cang, but now he can’t even beat a lad that’s six years younger than himself?”

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“Che~ this former genius really is disappointing. Its no wonder he would sire such a useless son like Nangong Lin!”

“I say, the good genes must be coming from the Lan family’s blood. Just look, first there’s Bai Yan and now there’s Bai Xiao. Then compare those two over to Bai Ruo and Bai Zhi, they are like worlds apart….”

Because of fear for the Holy Land, these people could only whisper these words between themselves. Even so, the gossiping could not evade the prince that’s currently fighting atop of the arena.

“This is you forcing me! I will never lose to the likes of you!” Reddish in his eyes, Nangong Yi nearly threw up blood due to the humiliation.

Towards this sudden outburst, Bai Xiao can only make a frown because his opponent had suddenly pulled out a crystal clear bottle containing a darkly liquid.

“Hahaha!” Laughing maniacally after getting a huge boost from the medicine, “Bai Yan, I know you are here somewhere watching this fight. I will give you another chance. Become my wife and I will let your brother live!”


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