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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 338 “Father is Here 2 ”

Chapter 338 “Father is Here (2)”

“Brother… you… you are here?”

This time Di Cang didn’t wear his iconic purple coat, but instead changed it into a black robe. However, the new style only made his demonic aura even more stunning and attractive.

“Did I not tell you to stay by your sister-in-law’s side by all times? Where is she?” The man’s brow was wrinkling already.

Towards that immediate change in expression, Di Xiao Wan can only say her heart’s about to stop. Barely able to keep up her façade, she awkwardly answers: “I… I am here to wait for you.”

Still suspicious in his eyes, “But how did you know I was coming?”

Now that’s a very good question indeed and the demon princess didn’t have a proper answer, That’s right, how would I know about him coming so soon?

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“This…” Moving fast in her head, Di Xiao Wan was surprisingly quick-witted here today: “Royal Brother, I know because you are simply too infatuated with Sister-in-law. I knew you would chase after her not long after we left.”

To emphasize how terribly nervous she was, the girl even went ahead to change her form of address. Under no circumstances would she call her old bro “Royal Brother”, not even back at home!

Sure enough, Di Cang’s brow only got tighter follow those words: “Follow me.”

“Wait… wait…”

Seeing how her brother was about to bypass her and head for the estate, Di Xiao Wan was ready to make a grab for the man’s sleeve. Sadly, fear got the better of this girl because she instantly retracted them upon remembering how terribly bad her brother hated being touched.

“Is there something else?” Halting in his footsteps, the man’s voice was slightly cold and oppressive.

Because of that sudden change in attitude, Di Xiao Wan nearly screamed out of reflex: “No-nothing….!”

“You are hiding something from me.” That was no question at all, rather it’s a statement which horrified the girl to the point where she’s ghastly pale: “Wait until I finish seeing Yan Yan, then I will come back and ask you!” His smile was very sinister there, like he’s ready to bring out the torturing devices at any moment.

Now that did it. The demon princess knew it’s all over now. Slouching down to the floor, her body felt dreadfully weak like all strength had left her.


In front of the main hall of the Dong estate.

Old Lord Lan was in the middle of deciding on how to dispose of Fu Bai Yan and the others when a small tiny figure interrupted him by pouncing in front of Chu Yi Feng.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing how hurried her son was, Bai Yan instantly wrinkles her brow: “Where’s your auntie, shouldn’t she be with you?”

“Auntie, she… she went off to buy some sweets for me.” Continuing to cling onto his godfather’s leg, Bai Xiachen quickly puts on a pitiful face: “Godfather, can you give me some guidance in my cultivation?”


Taken aback by the request, Chu Yi Feng nevertheless puts on a warm smile akin to a gentle spring breeze, “Okay.”

Exhaling a sigh of relief at the prompt answer, the baby boy didn’t want to waste another second here. Dragging the man along, he attempts to pull them away before it’s too late: “This place is too small, let’s go somewhere bigger.”

“And what place do you have in mind?”

“The palace should be big enough. Let’s go there, it’s not like the king is lacking in money so let’s not waste it.”

“Alright, we can go there as you wish.”

Even until the small figure disappeared from sight, Bai Yan was still stuck in her stupor state. Blinking in confusion: “What is wrong with my son today, did he eat something wrong?”

He would actually… take the initiative to have Yi Feng guide him?

Unfortunately for her, the answer to that question wasn’t far away. In fact, the whisk of wind and overbearing clouds looming above the sky was the perfect indication that it’s coming very quick….


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