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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 337 “Father is Here 1 ”

Chapter 337 “Father is Here (1)”

Revealing a cool smile, Chu Yi Feng readily greets the elder: “Yes, my father and mother, and even the whole family likes Yan Yan a lot.”

How can Old Lord Lan not see through to the young man’s exceptional behavior towards Bai Yan? He too was young, and he too have been in love. Therefore, just knowing there’s so many outstanding males surrounding his own granddaughter would make this grandfather gloat with pride.

“Sir Yi Feng, I still have some matters to attend to here so please, wait a bit while I finish up. I would be very much pleased to have you join us afterwards.”

Despite the estate being his, Old Lord Dong didn’t have any objections to the idea. The elder knows his family was in the fault here so he could only keep up with that awkward smile while keeping that mouth shut.

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As for the dastardly man who would murder his own daughter, this person had fallen into a despairing state. Not only was Chu Yi Feng many times superior to himself, he can tell the person was likely even stronger than the strongest warrior of the kingdom. And then thinking back to the laughable proclamations he was making back at the Flower Brothel…. Not even a bastard like him can deny how foolish and idiot his plans were.


While all of this was taking place back in the hall, Di Xiao Wan (demon princess) on the other hand was falling into a panic. Smacking her own head, she cries out: “Oh NO! Brother is going to kill me for this.”

“But why would Baddie Father kill you?” Still holding the newly acquired bag of snacks in his hand, Bai Xiachen dubiously questions the girl.

“Brother told me to never leave your mother’s side, especially when other males are trying to get close to her.” Bitter in her frown, she gets all teary, “If Brother finds out I left while someone is trying to approach her, he would surely beat me to death.”

The demon princess never feared anything in life, the only exception being her older brother Di Cang. Well… now there’s a second one too, it’s Bai Yan.

Blinking his cute baby eyes, Bai Xiachen completely disregards that worry: “Auntie, you are worrying too much. If Mother doesn’t like someone then no one can get into her heart regardless, this includes Godfather.”

“Now that you mention it, you are right!” Nodding her head ferociously, Di Xiao Wan happily agrees with the boy.

Then as a finishing blow to calm the girl, “Also, if I don’t say and you don’t say, how would Baddie Father know?”

“This…” But just as the girl was deliberating on the feasibility of that idea, something that caught her eyes from the front had instantly crushed that hope: “It seems it’s too late now.”

Not far away, an overwhelmingly powerful aura was suffocating her, sending the poor demon princess into a numbling paralysis.

Likewise, the baby boy also shivered in response, dropping the precious packet of snacks to the ground.

“Oh no, why would Baddie Father come now of all times?”

It’s over, if Baddie Father meets Godfather then both of them would surely get into a fight.

By then, who am I supposed to help?

Tied by the predicament, Bai Xiachen was very perplexed by the choices laid before him. Then as if making up his mind, he quickly whispers at the girl beside him: “Auntie, you stay here and keep Baddie Father busy. I will go back and hide Godfather before they meet!”

After finishing his order, the baby boy completely ditches the demon princess in the background and dashed for the Dong family’s estate like a gust of wind during a hurricane.

“Xiachen, wait…”

Wait for me~

Oh gracious, I don’t want to be left alone with him!

Unfortunately for this sweet maiden, her words didn’t even have the opportunity to finish before that cold and oppressive aura stopped her in her tracks.

Turning around like a mechanical cogwheel, Di Xiao Wan meekly smiled at this man who’s hailed at the lord and master of the Demon Realm.

Talk about unsightly, she shouldn’t have even tried to smile for its even worse than someone crying!


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