Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 327 “Reveal the True Face 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 327 “Reveal the True Face 4 ”

Chapter 327 “Reveal the True Face (4)”

What beauty! This truly is a woman capable of eclipsing all others in this world. Shame though, she’s already sullied by another man and even gave birth to a son!


Ignoring the dirty thoughts running through the man’s mind, the woman that was still on the bed earlier had already redressed herself after going through that rough play.

Smooth in her motions, there’s not an ounce of awkwardness in her swaying hips as she walked over, “Servant Snow greets Mistress and the young lord.”

Miss…. Mistress?

Qi Jia (secret lover) was utterly shocked by the news. Popping his eyes, he almost couldn’t believe the owner of the Flower Brothel was in fact Bai Yan, the target of his disgusting plot.

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That’s to say, everything today was in fact a conspiracy coined by this woman. The main purpose only to show Dong Rou Qin the true face of his wife.

“You are the Mistress of the Flower Brothel?” Trembling in her lips, the abhorrent woman finally recalled where he heard the name from.

At the time when her brother the king mentioned Bai Yan’s background, she did hear something about the woman being the owner of the Flower Brothel. However, due to her own mindset being narrowed in on the Demon Beast Sect, she had ignored that crucial segment from her memories.

“No wonder you would get yourself pregnant before marriage, to own a brothel of all places. I’m betting your child too is the product of your nightly customers.” Cynical in her words, Fu Bao Yun attempts to elevate her own standing while downgrading her foes at the same time.

Of course, not everyone was as stupid as this woman here. Take her secret lover for example, the man named Qi Jia was intelligent enough to break free from those arms and keep his distance.

Others may not know this but he sure does.

What brothel? That’s nothing but a screen on the surface to hide the establishment’s true purpose: an intelligence gathering agency! Compared to the royal families of the various kingdoms, this Flower Brothel wouldn’t lose out in any way!

Therefore, it’s not that surprising for Qi Jia that his secret with Fu Bao Yun would be known. Its not like he’s been actively keeping it a total secret at every turn.

“Aunt,” after giving a cold glance at the abhorrent woman’s face, Bai Yan then went ahead to come before Dong Roulan, “Are you satisfied with this show I prepared for you?”

In response to this, her aunt instinctively stiffened there, that face struggling on whether or not she should be happy or sad at the outcome.

It’s undeniable that she’s been suffering as a result of Fu Bao Yun’s tyrannical doings over the years, but to have her own brother be thrust into the abyss, Dong Roulan just can’t bear knowing its her who’s the cause.

Nevertheless, what must come will eventually come. Raising a faint smile from her face, Dong Roulan was rather firm in her words: “Yes my dear, I am very satisfied with this show.”

Anyone would have a temper, not to mention she’s just a regular woman who wanted nothing but good for her family. Now that a hole to vent her frustration was here, how can she not take it especially when the target of her ire was such a horrific person? Furthermore, this time it wasn’t just herself who was Fu Bao Yun’s (abhorrent woman) target, her very daughter Lan Xiaoyun almost became a victim too! As a mother, how can she stay idle anymore?

“Then that’s good enough, I’m happy you are satisfied with what I arranged.” Beaming with delight, Bai Yan was very happy to know her aunt agrees with her decision.

This whole show was meant for Dong Roulan to begin with, so long as the woman herself was pleased then no one else mattered in this.

“Thank you……” Emotional in her voice, Dong Roulan never thought this day would come, the day of her vengeance, and it was all at the hands of her own niece too!

“Auntie, you are the daughter-in-law of the Lan house, that makes you one of my closest family in this world. There is no need for thanks between families.”

Despite the knowledge that she herself wasn’t a genuine daughter of Lanyue, Bai Yan nevertheless holds those close to her adopted mother as her own. They are all she have now, aside from her own son and shifus back in the Holy Land.

However nice that thought was, Bai Yan apparently seems to have forgotten someone important here, it’s Di Xiao Wan who was terribly saddened by the omission.

I am also Sister-in-law’s family, why did she forget me only?

“Mu Xue we’re leaving.”


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