Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 325 “Reveal the True Face 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 325 “Reveal the True Face 2 ”

Chapter 325 “Reveal the True Face (2)”

Clenching his chest with all his might, Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) only felt like he’s suffocating there, making it extremely difficult for him to breath.

Yet, despite all of this, it was the cowardly man’s own father who took the initiative before the son himself. First handing the old madam over to their daughter Dong Roulan (aunt) due to the grandma fainting away at the shocking revelation, the old grandpa was furious as he whammed open the door with a giant kick.


Shocking the affectionate couple inside the room, Fu Bao Yun (abhorrent woman) was ghastly white once she got a better look at who dared to intrude upon them.

“You… what are you all doing here?”

How much did these people hear, and what if the secret is known?

No! It can’t! They must have only just arrived, it’s impossible for them to hear that much detail!

“Dong Ruo Qin, did I not say you are not allowed to come bother us when I’m seeing my cousin?” Forcing a calm expression, the abhorrent continues to put on a righteous act despite being caught red handed.

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Shuddering there with his eyes closed, Dong Ruo Qin truly regrets it now. In fact, the guilt was so strong that he didn’t even have the strength to speak at this point.

So this is the woman I felt guilty over all these years, endured for all these years….

For her, not only did I hurt my parents’ heart, I also destroyed the bond between my sister and I who cherished me since childhood….

How laughable!

What a laughable outcome!

Unnerved by the lack of response, Fu Bao Yun (abhorrent woman) finally started to panic a little there. Gnashing her teeth, she questions the man again: “Dong Ruo Qin, did you not hear me? I am talking to you!”

“How dare you!” Dong Tian Ling’s (old lord) complexion was as dark as it can be when he roared out: “Fu Bao Yun! My family has never been bad to you, yet you would return our goodwill with such, such…. disgrace! Not only did you go behind my son’s back and cheat on him with another man, you also had the audacity to make us raise your illegitimate children for so many years!”

As if being struck by lightning, the abhorrent finally blanked out from shock.

They…. really heard it all?

In this very moment, not a pang of arrogance was left on the abhorrent woman’s face; instead, fear slowly starts to strangle that black-ridden heart till her whole body starts trembling.

The main reason why Fu Bao Yun would dare be so unscrupulous all these years was not due to her status as a princess, nay, not after today’s incident anyways. It has much to do with the lie that she claims to have given birth to the next generation of the Dong House. But to have the truth pulled out to the forefront where her son and daughter meant nothing in reality, its equivalent to destroying the last ounce of bargaining chip she had.

“This is your good wife!” Finally recovering from her fainting state, Old Madam Dong’s first order of business wasn’t to chase after the source of their misfortune, rather it’s at her own son: “For this woman you not only forced your sister to endure injustice after injustice, now you also raised a set of illegitimate children as your own!”

Illegitimate children……

These two words were like needles puncturing into Dong Ruo Qin’s (cowardly man) heart, opening up thousands of holes there without remorse.

“Back when you married me, did you already have his child….?” Even this much was enough to nearly exhaust him.

“And what about it?” Since things have come to light, Fu Bao Yun no longer wanted to argue about it. Gnashing her teeth, that tone carried not an ounce of guilt: “You think you would be qualified to marry me If I wasn’t pregnant back then?”

He may have already known about the truth, but to hear it from the woman’s mouth firsthand, it’s undeniably still very painful like someone just slapped him across the face.

It stings so much that he had to gasp hard in order to control his emotions….

“Mu Lin may have been set already, that much I can’t change. But Mu Xue came after we married, why must you do this to me. Have I not treated you good enough?”

Thinking back on their first time, Dong Rou Qin now realizes how foolish he has been. He was chugged until he was drunk. By the time he awoke the next morning, nothing had remained of that night. Not the memory of them doing it, nor the bed sheet of the supposed red stain that should’ve been there.

So it was all a sham from the start…..


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