Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 319 “Please Come See a Good Show 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 319 “Please Come See a Good Show 4 ”

Chapter 319 “Please Come See a Good Show (4)”

Bai Xiachen certainly knows what his mother’s intent was so he naturally didn’t object to the idea.

“All of you people can just wait for the show…” Bai Yan proclaims, ignoring whether or not those present were interested.

The one to hurt her aunt Dong Ruolan the most wasn’t Fu Bao Yun, it’s her younger brother whom she cared for since childhood. Therefore, it’s not enough to simply make the person repent, she must him regret for the rest of his life!

“Miss Bai Yan…” Dong Tian Ling became hesitant to face that reddish figure. He wanted to speak on his son’s behalf, after all, he’s a father too. Sadly, against that cold and indifferent face, no words could be said.

He did promise at first that he wouldn’t interfere….

“You want to plead for them?” Bai Yan’s expression just got colder, “Have you forgotten the pain they inflicted on my aunt? If Xiaoyun (girl cousin) didn’t call for me, do you think your daughter would’ve lived?”

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From the surface Dong Roulan’s injury may seem superficial, but in actual fact, it can become fatal or life changing if the treatment gets prolonged.

Going stiff in the face over that questioning, Dong Tian Ling (Lord Dong) could only issue out a sigh, “Forget it, just assume I never said a thing.”

At the end of the day, Dong Mu Lin (horrible son) and Dong Mu Xue (horrible daughter) not only looked down upon their own father, but the entire Dong House too. As a result, the affection towards this pair of siblings were very thin and light for this grandpa, hardly worthy to be called a close bond.

Furthermore, he’s already made his daughter suffer for so many years, how can he as a father continue on with this wrong path after learning the truth? He can’t!

“Grandfather!” Dong Mu Xue widened her eyes in disbelief. Biting those lips in a panic, she turns back to her own father, “Grandfather loves you the most. If he still won’t agree to help then use your life to force him!”

Getting a slight shiver at the last part, Dong Rou Qin almost couldn’t believe what he just heard from his own daughter. Facing that twisted face, “Daughter, do you know what you are saying?”

“I don’t care, it’s more than worth it to use your lowly life to exchange for my mother’s life! If he still won’t agree then you are to self-mutilate! I won’t believe he won’t intervene by then when your life’s on the line!”

The girl’s face was already a twisted mess to begin with, enough to frighten the youngest of children, now…. Even the adults are having trouble matching that face with someone worthy to be called a human. It’s utterly frightening in how crazed ridden those eyes were.

Closing his eyes at that sort of display by his own flesh and blood, Dong Ruo Qin painfully turns back to his own parents, “Father, Mother, please forgive my unfilial behavior. The both of you can abandon your grandchildren for Sister, therefore I too can abandon the Dong House for my children.” His voice was shaking all over, as if every word had exhausted the life out of his body.

“Mu Xue is my own flesh and blood, my own daughter. No matter what wrong she’s done, I can’t just turn away without getting involved. Mother, Father, if the both of you must punish my wife then I too can only follow suit with my family and head to the afterlife together!”

“You…” Old Madam Dong was infuriated to the point where even her own fingers were shaking there. However, before the old grandma could utter another word, she had lost consciousness with her eyes rolled over.

Knowing he’s the source of this, Dong Ruo Qin’s head only got lower and lower. He didn’t have the courage to go help support his mother there, nor did he have the courage to face the infuriated eyes of his own father.

“I will give you another chance. Are you sure you want to help Fu Bao Yun and this thing you call your daughter? You won’t regret it?” Just as the cowardly man was about to cave under the pressuring gazes from all sides, this soft and mellowing voice suddenly chimed in and gave him light.

“I won’t regret it,” biting his lips, Dong Rou Qin was surprisingly firm in his words.

Towards the foolish man’s answer, Bai Yan can no longer hold back her emotions. She literally broke out into a laughing fit. Not in mockery though, but in pain for her own aunt Dong Roulan.

So it’s like that eh….

Towards that unrestrained laughter, Di Xiao Wan (demon princess) was literally gawking her eyes there because this would be the first time where she herself was fascinated by the same sex.

No wonder my big brother is so attached to Sister-in-law, I almost lost it there too….

“Alright, remember the words you said today,” issuing out a faint sigh, “I hope when the time comes, you really won’t regret it.”


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