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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 289 “Look at Your Niece!”

“Dong Ruo Qin, look at your niece!” Steaming in her head, the shameless woman turns to glare at her own husband.

In response to this, the man immediately stepped forward, his face stern and hard: “Xiaoyun, hurry and apologize. Once you do, I will let you see your mother.”


Lan Xiaoyun could only laugh in mockery: “Uncle, you’ve really been seduced to the point of being lost. Apologize? Dream on!”

Her mother had mentioned it before already. Due to their similar age, the two were very close in their younger years, that’s why Dong Roulan could never steel her heart and sever this relationship.

“Xiaoyun,” softening in his voice, the man even sounded somewhat pleading there, “You know it too. Your aunt is a royal princess so marrying into the Dong family is a degrading act to her status in of it itself. Why must you make your aunt so unhappy?”


It’s precisely because of that word that my own mother would be forced to endure this woman’s humiliation for all these years.

It’s precisely because of that word that my mother would refrain from visiting more often!

It’s all because of this Fu Bai Yun, because of her existence!

“Uncle, this is the last time I will call you Uncle. If you think her marriage to you is degrading then it is up to you to repay that debt! You’ve already dragged my grandparents down for that, now you also want to drag my mother down too? Let me remind you, my mother is part of the Lan House now in name and by law! Why should she be the one to pay for your debt!”

“Outrageous!” Flushing red in her face, Fu Bao Yun wasn’t going to have any of this.

This lass is getting out of control the older she gets. I better teach her a lesson today less she forgets who’s her elders are!

Reaching up to this point in her thoughts, the shameless woman was ready to give the girl a giant slap across the face by stepping forward.

Unfortunately her….

Before she can carry out the act, a leg had stretched outward to send her flying out across the yard.


Slamming back first against a wall, Fu Bao Yun was now completely covered in rubble due to the strong impact of her body.

Calmly retracting her lethal leg, Bai Yan was dangerously scary in her eyes right now: “Xiaoyun, why are you wasting your words on these people? If you want to see Aunt then we can just go ahead, no one can stop us…”

Raising a smirk, her provocative lips were very threatening.

“Di Xiao Wan, Chu Yi Yi! Both of you go knock them out for me!”

Both girls were very eager to fight to begin with, but due to Bai Yan not giving them the go ahead, they’ve restrained their urge until this moment. Now that they got permission, it’s not hard to imagine how meaningful their eyes are glowing.

They are the butchers and the people here are their prey ready to be placed on the chopping blocks!

“Cousin, let us go to the room where my mother used to live prior to her marriage,” the girl proposes to Bai Yan after musing over where to look.

“Okay, let’s go see then.” Towing Bai Xiaochen’s cute little hand, Bai Yan followed behind Lan Xiaoyun for the inside.


It was then Dong Ruo Qin’s enraged voice reached them from behind: “Xiaoyun, aren’t you going to give an explanation after your friends hit your aunt?”

Halting in her footsteps at the inquiry, Lan Xiaoyun was very cold in her voice: “And she hitting me is fine?”

“She is your aunt!”

“What about my mother then?”

Cynical in her tongue, Lan Xiaoyun was starting to get impatient: “I like to remind you that she is not your junior! On contrary, my mother is your senior, your elder sister!”

“This…” Dong Ruo Qin was stumped and started to weaken in his stance, “It wasn’t easy for Bao Yun to marry into the Dong family back then. She suffered a lot of humiliation because of that.”

Although the Dong House cannot be comparable to royal authority, but it’s still a first-rate noble family. There’s no reason for her to be humiliated by her peers over this marriage. If one had to find fault then it would be Dong Rou Qin, the man himself. Untalented and dull in his looks, its obvious Fu Bao Yun were worlds apart from this man in terms of looks and strength.


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