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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 271 “Reveal 4 ”

Chapter 271 “Reveal (4)”

The crowds were gasping hard at the claim while their eyes looked on in disbelief at the woman in question.

So it turns out Bai Yan’s loss of virginity was done at Bai Ruo’s orchestration! How old was she back then? Nothing but a teenage and already so vicious and scheming?

“You lie!” frantic in her demeanor, Bai Ruo rushes up to stop the maid called Liu. Unfortunate for her, she was halted by the escorting soldiers long before she could get near.

“Crown Princess, from the time you gave birth to the time you married His Highness is but six months, yet you declared it’s a premature birth and that it’s heaven’s blessing.” The maid’s voice had risen into a scream by now: “Everyone! I want you all to know that it’s all a lie! She had in fact gotten in bed with the crown prince long before then and had even been impregnated before marriage!”

Bloody in her eyes, Bai Ruo wanted to strangle the damn wrench: “I’ve been good to you, why are you doing this to me?!”

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“Been good to me? In order to make me serve you wholeheartedly, you killed my brother! That’s your form of being good to me?”

The maid was seething with hatred in her eyes. If not for Di Cang informing her of the truth then she never would’ve thought her mistress would be so vicious even to her own people.

“You… you lie!” Panic had settled into Bai Ruo’s eyes.

Impossible, I had that matter carried out in secret, how did Liu find out?

“Furthermore, I know too many of your secrets. That’s why you tried to remove me. If not for his lordship’s people saving me in time, I would’ve been dead by now.” Cold in her snickering smile, the maid won’t be stopped at this point: “I’m here today to rip apart that fake mask of yours and to let the world know how cruel and vicious you truly are you!”

Under Bai Ruo’s murderous gaze, the maid called Liu slowly turns toward Nangong Yi’s direction: “Your Highness, do you know how your mother the Queen died? She was killed by your wife the Crown Princess! On that day, I was charged with keeping watch outside the room.”

“What?” This had done it. Clenching his fist until the veins had popped, he questions his wife ruthlessly: “Ruo, is what she say true?!”

“Husband,” biting her lips, she puts on a pitiful face like she usually does. “How can I possibly do something like that? This ungrateful wrench offended me before, that’s why I expelled her from our home. This is her form of retaliation.”

Turning back to the maid, Nangong Yi’s gaze was gloomy and dark: “You say my wife killed my mother, what motive would she have then?”

“Your Highness, do you remember the edict your mother passed that day? It was under the coercion of this woman, that’s why she made that order. In order to not let the truth be told, she ruthlessly poisoned your mother the Queen.”

In actual truth, the queen had never once wanted to pull Bai Ruo down with her. After all, the queen was a grandmother and a mother, there’s no way she would’ve carried out with the self-destructive act of informing the king.

Unfortunately for everyone, Bai Ruo had become accustomed to being cautious? With such a dangerous loose end hanging around, it’s unavoidable she would aim to remove the problem before it festers.

“Bai Ruo, tell me now, tell me she’s lying!” Nangong Yi had to take in a deep long breath after saying that. There was pain and there was anger, the two most conflicting emotions he could get in a situation like this.

He never expected his wife who had warmed his bed all these years to be such a vicious woman.

“It’s not true Husband, please let me explain. It’s Liu who’s framing me!” Miserable in her appearance, Bai Ruo truly had skills when it came to playing with her tears and getting the pity of the crowd.

Now the crown prince was becoming increasingly suspicious and confused. A part of him wants to believe his wife, yet another part was telling him otherwise and that everything was a plot by Di Cang and Bai Yan.

“Crown Prince,” seeing how the foolish prince was about to be swayed, the maid decides to chime in now to pull it back in her way. “The last thing I want to tell everyone is the truth regarding the miracle of the animal worship incident. When the phenomenon occurred and I reported it to the crown princess, she immediately had me spread the word that it’s for her son’s birth.”


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