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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 268 “Reveal 1 ”

Chapter 268 “Reveal (1)”

How could it be him?

How could the one to domesticate the Glass Dragon be him?

Forget about Bai Ruo and her family, literally everyone else were not believing it either. But facts are facts, none can say otherwise, especially not when the dragon was acting like an obedient pet in front of the child.

“I don’t believe it!” Dashing out in madness, Nangong Yi (crown prince) kept screaming the only truth he wants to see: “Bai Xiachen is but a bastard child, a bastard!”

That’s right, how can he allow a bastard child of unknown origin surpass his own son of noble background? However, just before the crazed man could get any closer there, the dragon had slashed over with its tail whip and sent the prince flying back out into the crowd.

“Rawwrrrrr!” From those serpenty eyes a glint of ridicule could be discerned over the man’s blindness and self deceit.

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Towards that insult, how can Nangong Yi not notice it when looking up at his attacker? Reflexively, he started to tremble as his fingernails pierced into his palm, causing blood to seep out. Those eyes of his could shoot fire if possible.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

By this point the members of the Demon Beast Sect had also recovered from their initial shock.

“We finally found the destined child! Thank goodness, we didn’t disappoint the leader’s hope and wishes.” Changing from his cool and relaxed demeanor, Elder Thunder was booming in his laughter when he came before the boy. “I am the First Elder of the Demon Beast Sect, the name’s Thunder. As the representative, I and the rest of my fellow peers pay our greetings to Sir Xiachen.”

“Greetings to Sir Xiachen!” The various members of the sect had also taken to their knees, their voices morally high over their success.

While some were rejoicing over the scene, Bai Ruo wasn’t so well off. Her shivering lips could hardly make out a single word.

Why would it be Bai Xiachen?

Even if the glory is taken away by another, it would still be far better than falling into Bai Xiachen’s hands! He‘s but a bastard child of unknown origin, how can he deserve to get such prestige?

Her heart was pained like a thousand ants was constantly biting at it, unbearable and unstoppable. Using those bloodshot eyes, the woman hideously glared at the boy in question as if she could rip him apart with her will alone.

Yet, it was at this second that Nangong Lin just had to tug at his mother’s sleeve. The fatty’s face clearly said he’s not satisfied with the results.

“Mother, based on what can that bastard Bai Xiachen steal my slave? I want that dragon, snatch it back for me!”

“You shut up for me!” The king suddenly roared out from behind, interrupting the idiotic boy from going further with his nonsense. Livid in his expression, Nangong Yuan demanded answers: “”Someone explain what’s this about?!”

Wrinkling in his forehead, Elder Thunder didn’t bother to hide his disapproval, This Nangong Yuan (king) is too uneducated. Using such a loud voice, what if he scares the destined child? By then Sect Leader he will definitely punish him for good.

“You want to know what’s going on?” Showing a faint smile, Bai Yan strolled towards her son and the serpent, “There will be an answer for you in a bit.”

As she mentions the last part, Bai Yan’s gaze inadvertently glances over to Bai Ruo’s location

No! Impossible! My maid Liu and that fortune reader is already dead, no one would know!

“Glass Dragon,” retracting her eyes back to the serpent lying on the ground, she turns stern in her demeanor. “If you want to stay with us in the future then you must abide by my rules! First, you can’t kill the innocent and without reason. Two, if someone ever call my son a bastard child then they will be your dinner tonight. And third…. you are not allowed to eat too much, I can’t afford it.”


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