Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 264 “Start of the Taming Session 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 264 “Start of the Taming Session 2 ”

Chapter 264 “Start of the Taming Session (2)”

It’s no wonder the Bai House claimed they had clung onto a large power, turns out to be the Demon Beast Sect!

The world had practically recognized the fatty Nangong Lin as the one who caused that miracle; therefore, it’s no surprise to the people that the Demon Beast Sect would be here. As for the public taming session…. Anyone can see it’s but a show.

Nangong Yi was seriously relishing in the attention that he was getting, especially the envious looks coming his way. Rubbing his son’s head proudly: “Son, you mustn’t let me down okay.”

“Father, can I go now to tame the beast?” The fatty’s expression was full of anticipation and pride when he glanced over to his foe.

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Sadly for him, Bai Xiachen wasn’t even looking at him. Rather, the little steam has had his eyes entirely focused on the cage. He’s clearly more interested in whatever was inside than the fatty.

“Wait!” Seeing how her son was readily heading over to the cage, Bai Ruo reflexively stretched out her hand to grab the boy back over. Pursing her lips, “Son, you should wait. As the main star of the show, you must wait until the end to showcase how exceptional you are.”

“Yes Mother, you are right!” Nodding at the woman’s suggestion, “I’m the most important person here so I should be making my grand entrance at the end!”

These lowborns are all extras to support me. Only with their failure will it bring out my exceptionality.

“Wah!” The gasps and outcry had come as a result of the fabric being removed from the cage.

It was a huge dragon inside. Eight meters in length with four limbs and three pairs of wings, this fierce and ferocious looking serpent was growling menacingly at the human crowd before it.

“Who will come first?” Indifferent in his voice, the elder sounded like he’s attempting to calm the people with his nonchalance.

Apparently it worked because a child soon stepped forward of their own volition at the caged dragon. But before the boy could get even close enough to confront the creature, the Glass Dragon had already issued out a ferocious roar that scared the daylights out of the poor brat.

“I’m scared Mother, I want to go home!” The child falls into a monstrous cry.

Looking at how frightened the first contender was, Elder Thunder can only shake his head at the poor display of courage: “Next one…”

There may be a lot of children under the age of five in this kingdom, but to be able to get close to the Glass Dragon was nearly nonexistence today. Most would falter and cry just by being glared at by the creature.

By this point the elder was increasingly disappointed, this was especially when there’s only two children remaining at this point. Seeing this horrible situation, the old senior had a serious urge to interrogate the king over whether he’s hiding some candidates.

Naturally Nangong Yuan (king) wouldn’t miss the disgruntled look coming his way. Hurrying to beckon his grandson to come, he waves the boy over: “What are you still standing there for Lin? Come over now!”

Startled by the holler, Nangong Lin meekly muttered back: “But Bai Xiachen still hasn’t gone yet.”

“Hurry up and get up here. If you anger Elder Thunder then you can forget about entering the Demon Beast Sect,” the king’s expression was very unsightly as he warned his grandson with that stare. “Elder Thunder, this is my grandson Lin, he will surely not disappoint you this time.”

In response, the elder only made a frown because of that fat roundish boy: “Humph, for your sake, you better hope so.”

“Son!” Bai Ruo’s heart was wringing with nervousness as her hands reached out again. Unfortunately for her, it was stopped by another hand in midair.

“Are you not confident in our son? He’s so outstanding, he can’t fail.” Showing a mild smile, Nangong Yi (crown prince) comforts his wife by pulling her in.

Bai Ruo couldn’t say more by point, she knew there’s no excuse she can use now. Nevertheless, her eyes had never once left her son like if something horrible was about to occur.

If my son fails, then I….


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