Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 250 “Fight Together Enough and They will be Friends 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 250 “Fight Together Enough and They will be Friends 2 ”

Chapter 250 “Fight Together Enough and They will be Friends (2)”

“I was never a person from here. It was State Teacher who helped me come.”

“State Teacher? Who is that?” Bleary in her eyes, Chu Yi Yi eventually topples over until her head lands fully into the flower bed behind her back. Thankfully there’s no other man around, otherwise her careless yet mouth drooling appearance would incite quite the chaos here today.

“State Teacher…” Imagining the mentioned man appearing at her call, Di Xiao Wan’s drunken lip had curved into a smile: “He is a gentleman. Even if I bully him and tease him he will never get mad at me….”

“Oh, so that State Teacher is your lover?” Giggling there on the patch of greenery, Chi Yi Yi was nearly lost at this point.

“Hey now, don’t start matchmaking me out of the blue. State Teacher and I are clean and pure. I only, only… Humph, aren’t you and Bai Xiao getting really close?” Di Xiao Wan’s attitude was clearly flustered here.

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“Hold on now girl, I’m treating you to a drink and what do you do? You start slandering me with another man that’s younger than me! Besides, he’s Yan Yan’s brother. That means I have to be good to him. But you though, haha, you and that State Teacher is different. He must be your boyfriend!”

Originally the atmosphere between the two were still fairly harmonious, but after that little bickering and competing, it quickly devolved into a brawl again. Its one thing to fight, but it’s another to start tangling together until they are acting like a pair of lovers going at it in bed.

Shame though, too bad there’s no male occupants to witness this hot fleshy scene….

“Mistress, do you want me to stop them?” Hualuo’s mouth started to twitch at the awkward scene.

“No need.” To the surprise of her subordinate, Bai Yan only made a brilliant smile of approval: “Its fine, they are only building up their friendship. After they finish fighting then they will stop, no need to bother their playing.”

Having said this, she then slowly strode past the pair and went towards the front end where she was once again stopped at the front door. This time though it was a figure getting tossed out of her neighbor’s home.

“I haven’t fallen so far that I would need to sell my own daughter! Scram you piece of filth!” Immediately following this holler was Wang Deqiu coming out of his home to glare at the eunuch.

Sell his ??daughter? Surprised by the remark, Bai Yan couldn’t help but give this show some extra attention.

“You…” The eunuch angrily climbed up and started to mouth off after his indignation: “How could you be so ignorant! It’s your great fortune that the royal grandson would take a liking to your daughter. You should be proud that she can be offered to His Highness as a concubine. Not to mention the crown princess is even willing to offer you a second grade Dan pill as dowry!”

“Haha!” Wang Deqiu broke out into a laughing fit due to his extreme anger, “As if I would need to sell my daughter for some measly pill. Let me tell you, if you don’t scram now then I will beat you until you can’t anymore!”

Sure enough, that worked and caused the eunuch to tremble with both anger and fear.

“His Highness the Royal Grandson is destined to rule the world! Don’t regret it in the future and come crawling to me!” Giving one last snort, the eunuch quickly scrambled away only to be attacked from behind.

BANG! It was Wang Deqiu picking up a rock to throw at the fleeing bastard’s head.

Poor eunuch, he didn’t even know what happened and was already out for the count.


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