Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 229 “Di Xiao Wan VS Chu Yi Yi 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 229 “Di Xiao Wan VS Chu Yi Yi 3 ”

Chapter 229 “Di Xiao Wan VS Chu Yi Yi (3)”

Di Xiao Wan originally wanted to keep arguing with her opponent over whose better and etc, but as soon as she heard the whispering comments from the bystanders, her raging fury had erupted.

“What? Sell my nephew? And setting him on fire? Which bastard is it?”

My nephew is the Crown Prince of the Demon Realm, who dares!

As soon as the topic was brought up again, Chu Yi Yi herself also erupted, “That’s not all, those people also wanted to sell Bai Yan to an old fart to be his concubine. For what, all for a third grade Dan pill. If Bai Yan didn’t run in time back then, little Xiachen might not even be born now.”

“Something like that happened too?”

My sister-in-law is the destined Queen of the Demon Realm, who would have the nerve to ignore our power? Are they blind in the eye?

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Regardless of whatever thoughts were running through the girl, Di Xiao Wan apparently had forgotten no one in this mortal world even knows their status or background.

“Of course! That Bai family is the worst! In those days, Bai Yan was forced to wander out in the wild alone with a little baby in her care. Who knows how much suffering they had to endure during that time? Even back when the elders brought her to our place, Bai Yan’s body was already covered in wounds without a single patch of good flesh.”

Going sour in her nose, Di Xiao Wan suddenly had the urge to break out into tears at the story.

From birth to now, she had always been carefully cared for by her caregivers, never in her expectations did she foresee Bai Yan and Bai Xiachen to suffer so badly.

And the cause of all this are those who have harmed them!

“Wait, you just said the Bai House? Why is this surname so familiar?” Struggling to remember where she heard the name, Di Xiao Wan revealed a perplexed expression while brooding.

Rolling her eyes at the dumb girl’s reaction, Chu Yi Yi didn’t hold back her mockery: “Seriously, and you call yourself Xiachen’s aunt. Bai Yan’s maiden name is Bai you silly.”

“No, no, not right!” Still unable to recall why, Di Xiao Wan’s line of sight eventually fell upon the figure hiding among the crowd. Jumping up like she had finally grasped onto the trailing thought, she points at the girl, “That’s her! She’s the scoundrel who tried to cheat me!”

And to think this scoundrel even claimed to know my old bro, does she take me for an idiot?!

Following the direction of that finger, Chu Yi Yi’s face instantly flared up as soon as she saw Bai Zhi standing there.

“What is this wrench still doing out here? Hoho, I believe its time we got a little payback for Bai Yan after what this bitch did to her years ago.”

As the old saying goes, no matter how great the hatred, foes will become friends once a common enemy is met.

That’s exactly what’s happening here in this situation.


While the other side was ready to give her a good clobbering, Bai Zhi on the other hand was dumbfounded by her own obsession.

Shouldn’t this Miss Di be tearing apart that wild child, why is she recognizing him instead?

It’s precisely because of this dilemma that the girl had missed the optimal timing to flee. As such, by the time she wanted to run, Di Xiao Wan and Chu Yi Yi was already stomping over in a threatening manner. Under that oppressive pressure, she inexplicably gulped with a pang of sweat trickling down her side.

“You must be mistaken Miss Di… he cannot be Lord Cang’s child.”

In response to that blatant lie, Di Xiao Wan so angry that she directly sent a kick at Bai Zhi’s chest.

“Are you saying I’m stupid then? That I can’t even recognize my own nephew?”

What a joke!

No matter how dumb I am sometimes, I can never mistake my own nephew!

“I……” Before Bai Zhi could issue another word in her own defense, another kick from Chu Yi Yi had come flying over, causing the girl to scream in agony.

“Yi Yi, what are you doing?” It was at this moment a familiar voice drifted over from the other side.

Turning around, Chu Yi Yi can see it was Lan Xiaoyun who was coming over with a red cuddly fox in her arms.


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