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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 216 “Bai Yan is Here 4 ”

Chapter 216 “Bai Yan is Here (4)”

Perhaps it was due to her running the entire way, but the woman was panting for air as soon as she started to slow down. “Cang……where is Lord Cang?”

Dong Ruolan wanted to get closer to make her voice clearer. Sadly, her legs simply won’t budge anymore due to how fatigue they were.

The overseeing guard became startled. Hesitant in his tone: “His Highness is currently away due to an urgent matter. I don’t know where he is either. Madam Lan, why don’t you try Miss Bai Yan’s place. The lord have been living there for the past few days.”

Bitter in her smile, Dong Ruolan shook her head rapidly: “I just came from that side. Is there a way you can contact Lord Cang?”

That woman is obviously coming with ill intent. I must find Lord Cang to help!

“Please wait Madam Lan, I will pass the message to my lord immediately.”

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Seeing how anxious the woman was in her demeanour, the guard knew it must be urgent. Without hesitating, he immediately pulled out a flare container and ignited the bottom. Next second, a radiant glow of piercing red had illuminated the sky.


Inside the dense forest outside the capital city, two men was currently standing there unmoved. The one in front would of course be Di Cang while the other standing behind him was the man that had transformed into the flaming bird from before. “My king, I’ve only managed to trace the princess’s scent to this place. After that I can no longer follow the trail…”

“Then did you manage to locate that woman from the snake tribe?” His voice was gloomy, frightening the man behind even more.

“Subordinate is useless, I still haven’t located her yet.”

As soon as his words came forward, the one known as Fire Plume can clearly feel his lord’s aura growing more and more intense to the point where he had trouble breathing.

Continuing like this for well over a minute, the oppression finally dispersed.

“Continue to investigate!”

“Yes, King.”

He can finally exhale a sigh of relief. Because of how frightening his king’s aura was, he estimates only the future queen would have the ability to tame that tyrannical power….

Then without indication, Di Cang’s aura suddenly grew heavier again. “The message flare I left behind has been detonated!”

A messenger flare have a lot of uses, the main one was to inform the original owner of danger by igniting it and releasing the infused spiritual energy stored inside. This would alarm the creator no matter where they are so long as a barrier wasn’t in place.

However, he also mentioned to his men that only matters related to Bai Yan would they be allowed to ignite the flare. If it was any other ordinary matters, it was of no concern.

“King, is it the queen?” Fire Plume raised his head as a flash of sympathy flowed out of his eyes.

Someone else is going to be screwed again…

“You continue to search for her whereabouts!” Dropping this order down, Di Cang’s silvery and purplish figure was gone from view, leaving behind the still somewhat nervous man in the background.

Finally, after a good minute of this awkward silence, the one known as Fire Plume also started to leave. Transforming from his human appearance, the person turns into a huge flaming bird that radiated searing heat to all of its surroundings.

Not quite a true phoenix, only a descendant with a stronger bloodline than usual.


At this very moment back over at the Lan House, Bai Yan was facing off again Mu Qing Song with that peerless smile of hers.

“Since you have already decided then I won’t waste my words. Why don’t you state why you are here instead.”

Mu Qing Song was practically seething with frost in her words: “I had only wanted to test you today. The loser was only to leave Di Cang forever, but after witnessing what you’ve done to my people, I can’t exactly let it end so easily anymore.”

Crossing her arms under her breasts, Bai Yan’s smile grew even bigger: “With you only?”

Talk about arrogant to the extreme. This naturally left Mu Qing Song extremely displeased in her expression.


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