Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 207 “Little Bully Wants to Tame a Beast 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 207 “Little Bully Wants to Tame a Beast 1 ”

Chapter 207 “Little Bully Wants to Tame a Beast (1)”

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, Wen Ru practically jolted backwards like it would make a difference: “I was just joking, joking!”

Don’t kid around! What sort of place is the Flower Brothel? How can this woman be so cruel and make me go take customers there!

Bai Yan’s smile was very gentle: “Rest assured, if you have needs, the Flower Brothel will always be open for you. But if you just want to be a customer for one of the girls, I can have Hualuo give you a discount instead.”

Embarrassed by the tease, Wen Ru finally came out of his shell when Hualuo shot him a tempting wink: “Hey-hey, Big Bai, you can’t be so mean to me. At the very least I’m still an innocent and pure boy. Don’t you think its too much dumping me into such a category?”

Too lazy to keep up with the nonsense, Bai Yan went ahead and tossed the book she prepared ahead of time for the boy.

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“What is this?” Nearly dropping it due to how sudden the act was, Wen Ru asks with confusion in his voice.

“It hasn’t been very long since you grasped the secret behind the fifth level of alchemy. To help you refine your skills and help you get a firm grasp, I’ve written down all the key points you need to look out for. The information inside will undoubtedly raise your rate of success by many miles.”

Due to the intense excitement of the news, Wen Ru nearly dropped the book again because of how shaky his hands were. “When did you become so good to me?”

The boy’s appearance now was like a baby. Red in the cheeks, he was literally hugging the book like a child getting a new toy.

Showing an unbelievable smile that could captivate thousands, Bai Yan didn’t hide her motive: “Your strength isn’t enough right now. Only by increasing your alchemy and raising these people can you help me in what I want. Come Hualuo, we’re leaving.”

No more than a few steps out, she suddenly turns around again, “Wen Ru, if you want to come find me then go look for Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) of the Lan House inside the capital city. She knows where I live.” With that said, the two enchanting figures were gone and out the door.

The entire time, Hualuo was always showing her charming smile because she knew, she knew her mistress had a stubborn mouth but a soft heart.

Don’t assume Bai Yan was bad just because she likes to bully Wen Ru, but in actual fact, the girl had prepared the book long before her visit today for the boy. That’s her form of caring for others. Though not always easy to spot, but its there.

With the precious book in his hand, Wen Ru too didn’t have the heart to keep flirting with Bai Yan. Alone with his treasure, he returns to his room for a thorough reading and became very surprised to find all of his previous questions answered easily with the information he’s been given.


At this very same moment over at the crown prince’s estate, an ear deafening shriek for help was shaking the whole place apart.

“What happened?!” Because of her injury, Bai Ruo could only limp her way out of the room to check. In one look, she was horrified to find her son being chased around by a wild wolf.

In this world, aside from demon beasts, there are also common animals like bears, wolves, and other predatory animals. Take this wolf for examples, it’s nothing more than a regular wolf that was captured recently by Nangong Yi (crown prince) on one of his hunting trips.

Due to the ferocious nature of this one, the prince had specifically locked it up in a cage to slowly tame it, yet who would’ve guessed the fat bully would go unlock the animal from its cage.

“Mother save me!” There were no illusions about the level of duress in that plea for help.

“Quick, go save my son!” Bai Ruo could literally feel her heart jumping out of her body due to the intense pounding it was making.

Following the order, one of the guards promptly took out his bow and knocked an arrow for the hungry wolf. Because of the sharp aim from this soldier, the arrow landed precisely at the wolf’s eye, blinding it in the process and saving the child from being gobbled up in the nick of time.

Not going to miss this chance, Nangong Lin (bully) swiftly ran behind his mother’s leg for comfort and protection.

“Son, why did you release your father’s wolf from its cage?” As soon as the scene from just now came up again, Bai Ruo’s complexion instantly took on an ashen white.


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