Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 179 “The Strong Robs the Weak 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 179 “The Strong Robs the Weak 2 ”

Chapter 179 “The Strong Robs the Weak (2)”

Sure enough, this sensation news literally exploded among the crowd. Aside from disbelief in the people’s eye, more were rather shocked at the statement.

Didn’t Lord Cang claim Bai Yan is his woman and that the child is his son? To think the Bai family would burst out this shocking news!

“You are spewing nonsense!” This man known as the Left Guardian of the Phoenix Brothel was tasked to protect the boy. So long as Bai Xiao was safe, he’s permitted to stand idle. However, that doesn’t mean he will remain emotionless.

To hear someone openly humiliating his mistress, it’s only natural that he would jump in: “Who are you calling a leading prostitute? Say it in my face! I am the Left Guardian of the Flower Brothel. If she’s the leading prostitute, would I be here protecting Sir Xiao then?”

Following this outburst, all attention were thus forwarded to the man.

Yu Fei was surely stunned for a second because he now understood that his assumption was wrong, He’s not a guard working under the Bai House?

The shock only lasted for a brief moment before a sneer overtook his face.

Left Guardian of the Phoenix Brothel?

What sort of organization is that place? The leader of the Flower Brothel was equivalent to the king of this kingdom, making a guardian equal to a prime minister or general of the court

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Have you seen a general of a country running off to shelter a child of a noble house? What a joke!

“You are the Left Guardian of the Flower Brothel?” Yu Rong sneered as she continued: “Don’t think I don’t know. You are but a patron of Bai Yan’s. Because you lust after her beauty, you lowered yourself to protecting her brother, am I right or am right?”

Now it was Left Guardian’s turn to be paralyzed with fear. Pale in his complexion, the man jumped up and roared out with a palm strike aiming directly for the woman’s chest: “Are you trying to get me killed? If I’m going to suffer because of you then I will drag you down with me!”

There was no mercy here in that attack. From the impacting blow, Yu Rong was sent flying across the air and slammed straight into a nearby street stall on the side.

“AHH!” Issuing out a shrieking cry, Yu Rong tightly clutches her belly in pain. Next second, a stream of blood flowed out from her lower half, raising a rush of panic in the woman’s eye.

“My… my child…”

Bai Zheng Xiang was also scared here. Swiftly running over to his wife, he can see the blood seeping out from the underpart.


“Husband… Save me…Our baby…”

Ashen from the pain, Yu Rong tightly clenched onto her man’s sleeve in a desperate attempt to seek help as the tears rushed out of her eye sockets.

“Its going to be alright my wife, it’s going to be alright.” After comforting his wife several times, he then signaled his dumbfounded brother-in-law to look after the woman while he stood up to glare at Bai Xiao.

“Don’t you have a healing pill? Take one out and give it to your mother!”

Smirking a frosty smile, Bai Xiao didn’t give in: “I said it already, they belong to my sister so none of you are qualified to use them.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Your sister’s? As if I would be fooled! That child in there is your brother, your own sibling!”

Bai Zheng Xiang was truly aching in his heart, How can he still say such a thing in this critical situation? What makes an outsider more important than his own family?!

Thinking up to here, he could no longer care about so much anymore. In his urgency, he rushes up to make a grab for the pills.

However, before his hands could even touch the boy’s sleeve, another powerful hand halted him.

“I have to say, my eyes have truly been opened today by what it means to be a thief,” Left Guardian snickers a laugh. “For a wretched woman who’s bearing a bastard child from some unknown man, you would actually raise your hands against your own flesh and blood. If not for my mistress ordering us to protect Sir Xiao here, who knows what sort of crime you people would be doing to him.”


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