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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 168 “Return the Dowry 2 ”

Chapter 168 “Return the Dowry (2)”

The man’s arrogance and overbearing attitude left Bai Yan’s heart trembling. Looking up, a flicker of hesitation filled her eyes, Can I believe his words?

“I’ll believe in you this time. I’ll believe you are sincere about caring for Xiachen and will believe you will protect him as much as possible.” Her pupils pristine and clear without any ulterior thoughts as she said it.

This sort of statement should’ve been a very moving one, but after hearing it, Di Cang’s face only got darker.

“What do you mean by this?” Breaking out a cold sneer: “Are you saying my feelings for you are false and fake?”

Sensing the erupting anger from the man, Bai Yan quickly paced herself back several steps: “You told me that you are only haunting me because I don’t disgust you. If you find another in the future with the same sensation, wouldn’t you just go haunt the other party too?”

Making an ironic smirk, Di Cang felt no embarrassment for his words: “You think just anyone can be as unlucky as you, to be haunted by me?”


Bai Yan was stunned, So even he knows how unlucky it is to be haunted by him?

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“Bai Yan, you can believe it or not, but you are the only woman in all my years that don’t disgust me. You are the first, and will also be the last.”


Like being blown apart in her mind, Bai Yan blankly stared at the enchanting man before her.

What does he mean by this? Is this a confession?

Just when Bai Yan was still in her shock, the man’s lips had already pressed down against hers. Due to the immense strength of the hand holding her in place, she couldn’t break free no matter how hard she pushed….

Waiting until she was finally released, Bai Yan was stuck in a long turmoil before she can break out her question.

“Di Cang, is this…. your first time?”

Otherwise, why would he be constantly searching for me?”

Getting dark lines running through his face, Di Cang became unreadable: “You know too much.”

Omg, I guessed it right!

Retreating several steps again, Bai Yan urgently asked, “How old are you today? Hundred? Thousand?”


Di Cang didn’t answer because he can already guess what sort of reaction this woman will make after learning his age. No doubt she will dislike himself for being old.

“I didn’t mean anything by that, I only wanted to know how many years you’ve been a virgin. Here, show me your arms, I really want to see if the rumors are true about long time virgins having Qilin arms.”

“Qilin arms? I’m not a Qilin so why would you think I have that?” Di Cang frowned, unsure where she’s going with this.

“The meaning of the Qilin arm is that… due to you being single for so long, there’s no one around to relieve you. As such, you can only use your own hands to do it, hence the phrase ‘Qilin arm’. It means you have very big muscle because you masturbated a lot.”

Not getting embarrassed or angered by the woman’s crazy thought, Di Cang only had a strange and confused look on his face: “How can a hand solve that sort of thing?”

“…..” She didn’t know how to answer that question.

Bai Yan nearly forgot. In this world, it’s pretty much a given that there won’t be any lacking of females willing to help him solve that issue. In fact, it’s not unheard of for wealthy families to find a young servant girl to help solve the young lord’s necessity by having practice sessions ahead of time.

Naturally, the one to suffer in such an interaction will be the bedding maids because it’s quite common to be impregnated by the male….

“Then how do you normally solve your urge in the past?”

Don’t tell me a bucket of cold water, I won’t believe that!

“Before I met you… I never had the urge or need.”

Despite his long track record, it was exactly that same night from six years ago that ignited his flaming desire. And, she also raped him…..

As soon as he recalled what happened six years ago, Di Cang’s teethes would start grinding. No matter what, he will get his revenge or die trying!


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