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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 167 “Return the Dowry 1 ”

Chapter 167 “Return the Dowry (1)”

Staring intently at the panicking woman before himself, a provocative smile escapes that mouth to reveal what he has in mind.

But then, just as he wanted to make his thoughts a reality, a resounding call broke through the sky and stopped the advancing man. With gloom hanging over his face, Di Cang shifts his eyes upward towards the source.

Likewise, Bai Yan also shifted her gaze towards the sky….

What they saw was a flaming red bird of exceptional size. Once landed after swooping down onto the grass, the creature swiftly transformed into a handsome man with swaying long hair of crimson red.

“What’s the matter?” The appearance of this unwanted newcomer was like a bucket of cold water, cooling every fiber of desire out of Di Cang’s body.

Against that oppressive stare, the poor man nearly cried on the spot. If this wasn’t so urgent, he would never had come bother his king and the future queen of the Demon Realm….

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“King, a few days ago, someone forcibly broke through the seal of the Demon Realm.” Respectful in his voice, the crimson man made sure there’s no wasted words in his report.

“Who was it?” Gently wrinkling his forehead, Di Cang coldly asked.

“It’s…” Halting for a second, the red-haired man carefully glanced at Bai Yan before continuing: “It was a girl called Qing Luan, she’s the big miss of the Snake Tribe.”

Qing Luan of the Snake Tribe had long been a powerful admirer of Di Cang. Unfortunately for the girl, her crush never once registered with the man of her crush. If not for the girl being smart enough to not do anything out of place, the Snake Tribe never would’ve survived until now.

As to the reasoning behind the sudden change, it’s all because of the recent news of Di Cang finding his son.

“Who was it that leaked the information about me finding my son?” The man’s face gradually turned dangerously gloomy.

“This…” The red-haired man carefully wiped his forehead to remove some of the excess sweat: “It was the princess, your sister. After she learned of your success, Her Highness couldn’t resist and announced it to everyone that she knew. Now the whole Demon Realm is aware.”

Having said this, he looked up to peek at his king’s expression. Knowing things are just going to get worse if he delays this, he bit his lip and went ahead with the rest: “Also, after Qing Luan left, the princess also snuck away….”

Getting colder and colder in his eyes, the air around Di Cang’s body could literally freeze a person right now if they got too close. “If you find that girl, bring her to see me immediately!”

“Then what should we do with Miss Qing Luan?” The red-haired man cautiously asked.

A touch of frost beamed out of the man’s gaze, his voice cruel and merciless: “Cut off her hands and legs, then toss her back into the Demon Realm!”

If that Qing Luan knows what’s good for herself then that’s fine, but if she dares to commit anything foolish… Then the Demon Realm no longer needs a Snake Tribe in its ranks!

“Yes King, your servant here shall obey.”

Getting up from his knees, the red-haired man immediately reverted back into his beastial form under a blinding firelight. In only a few flaps, his presence was already gone from view, disappearing into the beautiful blue horizon.

A tad unsettled in her voice, Bai Yan carefully asked: “That Qing Luan of the Snake Tribe, is she here for me and Xiachen?”

“I will deal with this matter so don’t worry, I won’t let anyone harm you or our child.” Di Cang’s voice may be low and weak, but it also brought with it an indescribable calming effect.

“If my son encounters any danger as a result of this, I won’t let any of you off!” Her voice stern and decisive, almost like a vow.

She doesn’t care who the other person was or what sort of background they had. As long as they are out to hurt her son, Bai Yan will do anything and everything to stop them, even if it means costing her own life.

“I promise you, if our son is hurt in any way, I will topple the entire Demon Realm for you if I must!”


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