Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 127 “This Vicious Bai Ruo 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 127 “This Vicious Bai Ruo 3 ”

Chapter 127 “This Vicious Bai Ruo (3)”

“Highness!” Exclaiming, the old granny was about to dash over when a gleaming dagger came straight into her heart. With a resentful and hateful look, the faithful servant falls too, unable to close her eyes even in death.

“When tomorrow comes around, someone will start spreading the news that you couldn’t take the treatment here and committed suicide. And as your most faithful servant, this old granny here also joined you in the afterlife.” Watching the gradually dying woman on the ground, Bai Ruo finally revealed her vile and twisted smile, “Don’t worry. I will take care of your son and grandson very well in your place. So, rest assured, you can move on into the afterlife without hindrance.”

Giving one last glance at her victim, she turns away and headed out the door. But before she could step outside, that incessant itch came again, causing her to frown at the annoyance.

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Once all was calm and silent in the room, something unexpected occurred. Di Cang suddenly emerged out of nowhere from the shadows.

“My lord, the queen seems to be dead.” The guard that came with him respectfully reports this: “It seems we are one step too late.”

Though he’s not showing it, the guard was in fact quite nervous right now. His master had made a personal trip here, but the end result was nothing but a corpse of no value.

“Humph.” Coldly looking down at the unmoving body of the former queen, Di Cang gives his order: “Bring her to the Poison Valley.”

Poison Valley? Stunned, the guard became confused here because the queen was clearly dead here. That’s when it hit him. If his master was giving such an order, it means the woman can still be saved!

“My lord, forgive me for being blunt. When I was investigation Miss Yan, I discovered she’s fluent in both alchemy and medicine. If we hand the queen over to her, I’m sure the poison won’t be an issue…”

“When did I say I want to save her?” Di Cang unemotionally shot the foolish guard a glance, “Tell the lord of the Poison Valley that this woman is a gift from me. He can use her however he likes for drug testing. So long as he can keep her breathing, I don’t care what he does.”

Hurrying to lower his head in acceptance, the guard just knew his master here wouldn’t be so kind.

“Lord…” The guards spoke up again after remembering another matter, “Just now earlier the Qian family sent someone to inform us that they’ve done as you requested. Now everyone should know Miss Yan was framed back then.”

Smirking a cruel smile: “Have that old fossil from the Qian family relieve himself of an arm. If he does that then I will spare him and his clan.”

Want to touch my woman? You are asking for death!

“Yes, my lord.” Always keeping his head down, the guard never once dared to meet Di Cang’s gaze. If he did, he fear he might suffocate from that oppressive aura.

“Lord, should we also bring her along?” Only when the guard moved forward to pick up Ning Dai (queen) did he notice the blood ridden granny nearby.

“That one’s dead already, pointless to bring her along.”

Once that’s said, Di Cang promptly turns away. From the darkness in which he came, from the darkness in which he shall leave.


The following next day, Bai Yan was just coming out of her slumber when the door to her room was slammed open by a heavy push. It was Bai Xiao, her brother.

“Sister, something big has happened!”

Watching that handsome and young face, Bai Yan inexplicably pricked up her brow in confusion: “What has happened to make you so excited?”

“The queen has gone missing, and her closest maid was found dead inside her room.”

The queen is missing?

Upon hearing this news, the first thing Bai Yan thought of was Di Cang’s face.

However, even if that arrogant man wishes to deal with the queen, he shouldn’t need to go through such trouble. At most all he had to do was bury that woman inside the Cold Palace and that’s it.


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