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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 103 “Do You Love Me?”

Di Cang’s eye slightly narrowed in as he encroached onto Bai Yan. Suddenly, the atmosphere turned heavy and creates an oppressive air around them.

“He is my son so of course he has to follow me!” The man looked proud as he said this: “And you… After what you’ve done to me, you still think you can leave on your own?”

Not for this lifetime!

Bai Yan’s gaze gradually turned sharp: “Then are you trying to push us to the end? If so…. I, Bai Yan, would rather self-incinerate than to yield to you!” Those words were like a fist, smashing heavily into Di Cang’s heart.

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“What’s wrong with me? Why would you refuse me on every step?”

For all these years, he has never been so low in standing. It had always been him dishing out the punishment!

“Di Cang.” Bai Yan’s lip curved into a smile, “Then let me ask you, do you love me?”

Love? Di Cang was somewhat confused here.

His emotional experience was a complete blank that even his first time was done in by Bai Yan from back then…. And now, this woman had already asked him for the second time this very same question.

“Your heart doesn’t have me, nor do I have you. Why do you insist on forcing me to go with you? Is it because I gave you a son?” A smirk escaped that fine red lip, “But there are so many women out there more than willing to conceive a child for you, so I won’t hand myself over to a man that doesn’t love me.”

“No, in this world, there is only one person who can give me a child!”

This was the destined prophecy inside the demon realm, also the main reason why he’s here in the human world… It’s to meet her which did happen on the first day.

“Bai Yan!” Di Cang loudly cries this out, forcing the woman to a halt.

In response to this, Bai Yan could only tightly hold onto her son, afraid the man might snatch him away when she’s not noticing.

“I will give you some time and not take him away, but…” The man suddenly reappeared in front of her, blocking the path with his imposing body: “That aside, how are you going to explain the part about raping me and kidnapping my child?”

When it came to the ending part of that sentence, it was both oppressive yet also a bit sad.

“Then what do you want?” Bai Yan subconsciously stepped backwards to gain some space.

The man’s eye narrowed down, his mouth a malicious grin: “Of course to rape-you-back!”

This was honestly the first time Bai Yan had ever heard someone say something so outlandish and with such confidence! As displeased as she was, she didn’t dare raise an objection in these circumstances. Before she knew it, a powerful hand had grabbed her by the waist and off they went.

With the adults gone, only Bai Xiachen now remains in the yard.

A long while later, only then did the baby boy come back to his senses to know he’s about to cry.

What happened to coming to steal me away?

And why did the one to get stolen in the end is mommy instead of me?

“Little Master……” The baby tiger’s weak voice drifted over from the side at this moment.

“Little Rice, where did you go just now?” The boy grumpily asked.

“Uh……” For a second there, Little Rice didn’t know how to reply.

Not like he can say he’s been thrown away for crawling into Bai Yan’s arm, can he? That’s too shameful!

“Uh, I went to find reinforcement,” he randomly made up an excuse.

“Then where’s the reinforcement?”

“Uh… I became worried halfway out so I came back. Where’s mistress and that scary looking man?”

When it came to this topic again, Bai Xiachen’s expression instantly turned sad again: “That bad man snatched mother away and left me behind.”


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