Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 81 “The Queen Makes a Fool of Herself 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 81 “The Queen Makes a Fool of Herself 3 ”

Chapter 81 “The Queen Makes a Fool of Herself (3)”

“What do I have to do to make you stop haunting me?” Bai Yan’s stare turned cold as she asked.

Her question was like a fist directly punching at his stomach. To sooth that discomfort, his arms tightens even harder around her body.

This woman wants to avoid me that much?

“Bai Yan, you are unlucky. It’s not so easy to escape from my grasp once you are inside it!”

“Mmhmmm……” Just as she wanted to act out again, the man in front had already pressed down against her again with those cold hard lips, blocking the path for more words.

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It’s unsure when her back had become drenched in sweat, but when that ill-behaving tongue broke through her defenses again, Bai Yan didn’t hesitate in the least to bite down.

Blood flowed, filling both mouths to the taste of iron. Nonetheless, the man remains unmoved and continues to carry out his forceful ways because that taste was simply too beautiful. The same lustful and intoxicating sensation from six years ago!

“Ahh!!!” Horrified, a certain young girl was shivering incessantly outside the pavilion, causing the cold man to wrinkle his brow to look up.

This was none other than the Sixth Princess of the kingdom, the very same who nearly got her hands and legs chopped off at the order of Di Cang.

It’s no secret to the world that the Sovereign Prince has a certain phobia for cleanliness, but now he’s kissing a woman?


She won’t believe this….


The oppressive voice causes the girl to flinch, coming back to reality. Stammering for a proper response, all she could do was meet that bloodthirsty gaze and retreat in haste.

That horrific day, the hopelessness, it all came rushing back to her like a wave. She simply can’t face the same treatment like back then and still hold herself sane.

When the princess left for good, Bai Yan pushes herself up from the stone bench, her tongue still covered with the man’s blood.

“You may have the hobby of letting others see us do it, but I don’t have that sort of hobby.”

“Bai Yan,” Pinching that chin, Di Cang’s tone was threatening and absolute: “You will never escape my grasp! Because if you do, I will find you even if I have to search to the end of this world!”

Then ruthlessly slap your ass!

Going stiff in her smile, Bai Yan had trouble taking that sort of confession up front. Before her irritated self could come back to her senses, the man had already departed from her view.

“Di Cang is already suspecting little Xiachen’s existence…” Turning darker in her complexion, “Then I must have him leave the kingdom as soon as possible.”

If Di Cang really wants to investigate then it won’t be hard at all to find out about the truth, but because of that skepticism, I still have a chance….

No wait!

I must come up with a better solution!

Thinking up to here, Bai Yan didn’t continue to linger and pushed herself for the exit.


Phoenix Wing.

Rushing back to her residence with tons of steam inside, Ning Dai looks livid from how frustrated and angry she was right now.

“Queen Mother…” Bai Ruo followed soon after, her appearance aggrieved: “It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me and my mother for not educating her better, thing’s never would’ve come to this.”

Inhaling deeply to calm herself: “This incident isn’t on you. You also suffered greatly. His Majesty may trust Lord Cang right now, but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Once the situation changes, I will be sure to go over today’s incident with them one at a time!”


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