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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 67 “I Want a Sister”


Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) who was standing beside Bai Yan was staring at the fox, her eyes sparkled with desire. Naturally, this horrified the little guy. Trembling in his mother’s arm, Bai Xiachen squirms further into that body in hopes of somehow gaining more distance from that person.

“I will find you a fox later. He won’t do.”

Bai Yan never once thought of selling her own son out, therefore she immediately rejected the idea before it was even brought up.

“Ok then.”

There’s clear disappointment in the girl’s eye, nevertheless, she can only reluctantly put her thoughts to rest and eye the furry little thing, “But you must find me another just as beautiful in the future.”

Just as beautiful as her own child?

Not wanting to dally around this topic, Bai Yan casually pulls the conversation away: “We can talk when the times come. First toss Bai Zhi at the door then we can go.”

“Cousin, are you not going to look for your brother Bai Xiao?” Lan Xiaoyun sounded a bit surprised by what she heard.

Isn’t cousin not worried about her brother? Why is she leaving now that she’s here?

“He is safe.” A smirk escapes Bai Yan as a flash of danger filled her eyes.

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In the future there will be those from the Flower Brothel protecting Bai Xiao, meaning she can freely go carry out her business and do those **** things!

“Little Rice, you take Xiachen back with you.”

As soon as her words came, Bai Yan could feel her sleeve being tugged at. Looking down, what came into view were a set of beautiful tearful eyes gazing up at her.

This promptly softened her down to the core. Making a helpless sigh, she can only yield: “Little Rice, you go back first. I will bring him back tomorrow.”


Giving one last glance at the pair of mother and son, Little Rice turns away and disappeared around the street…

“Let’s go, we’re going home.” Embracing the little guy in her arms, Bai Yan led the way for the Lan family’s estate.

When she returned again, her uncle Lan Yu still hasn’t returned yet despite being the first one going out to inquire about Bai Xiao. Based on this situation, it’s safe to assume the guy won’t be coming back anytime soon…

As worrying as this may be, Lan Xiaoyun didn’t have that kind of deep mentality to worry. To her, the girl only wanted to play with the fox by following Bai Yan back to her room. However, when she tried, the end result was a direct slam of the door in her face, close enough to hit her nose.

Rubbing her sore front, Lan Xiaoyan looked aggrieved by the treatment. Fortunately for her, she was smart enough to remember the promise. Only with that did she relent.

“Oh well, at least cousin promised to let me pick a fox later. No need to be so eager.” With her good mood, she gives one last look at the closed door behind her and walked away.


After waiting for Lan Xiaoyun’s fading footstep to disappear completely, only then did Bai Yan exhale a sigh of relief and turned her gaze back to the little fox on the table.

Under the swaying lamp light, that small little figure begins to change. Growing and growing, it transforms into a milky white doll of a child.

“Xiachen, what happened to your uncle?” She asked with worry in her voice.

“Mother, that bad woman is so hateful!” The little boy looked steaming from how pink his cheeks were. “She wouldn’t even get a doctor for uncle when he’s sick. I also overheard them calling you bad names!”

“And then?”

“The mother of that bad woman told her to make babies with another person. Mother, can you also make more babies? I want a sister to keep me company.” Blinking his sparkling and innocent eyes, Bai Xiachen pleads.

Making an awkward cough, Bai Yan rigidly replies: “You don’t even have a father, how am I supposed to make a sister for you?”


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