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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 41 “Dinner Banquet 2 ”

Chapter 41 “Dinner Banquet (2)”

After saying this, Bai Xiao reluctantly turns away after giving one last glance at his closest family.

“OH NO! I forgot to give uncle his meeting gift.” After Bai Xiao’s departure, the little boy pats his forehead in an eye-popping manner.

Since his arrival here, the little rascal had prepared a gift well head of time for Bai Xiao. To think he would forget the whole thing entirely when its needed.

“Xiachen, I will be at the Lan House for the next few days so if your Auntie Hua (Flower) comes around, have her go look for me there.”

Bai Yan knits her brow, finding it odd that the one from the Flower Brothel still hasn’t come seen her yet.


At this time, inside the study room of the Bai House, Yu Rong was in the middle of serving her husband Bai Zheng Xiang a cup of tea: “Husband, you mustn’t tire out your body. Please go get some rest.”

“No… Wife, go prepare a gift for me later. I need to go visit someone.”

“Husband?” Yu Rong’s eye were filled with confusion at the strange request.

“Some time ago that manor belonging to the Moon Shadow Sect has been sold. It’s said the new landlord is the head of the Flower Brothel.”

Stunned at the news, Yu Rong gives her husband a surprised look.

She had heard about the Moon Shadow Sect and the Flower Brothel before. Although these forces may seem inferior on the surface, but in actual fact, they are on equal grounds with the royal family.

The infamy of the Moon Shadow Sect left no room for doubt, they are undeniably a dangerous organization with those famous assassination exploits. As for the Flower Brothel, they may be a place for womanizing and enjoyment, but their information gathering abilities are world class.

As to why Bai Zheng Xiang would take notice of the change of ownership, it’s because he bought his own mansion here based on the fact that it’s close to the one belonging to the Moon Shadow Sect. He had intended to use the close proximity to curry favors with that organization, yet not once did those people appear. And now, it’s changed ownership to the head of the Flower Brothel without indication…

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“Husband, what sort of gift do you suggest we give?” Yu Rong starts giving the task her full attention, understanding the importance of the matter.

“You decide, I believe in your judgement.”

Making a faint smile, his words had only just ended when the door to the study room became knocked open. From the outside, a young girl came rushing in and fell into Bai Zheng Xiang’s embrace.

“Zhi, what happened?”

Towards this daughter of, his attitude was that of a doting father so he had no intentions of reprimanding the girl for barging in on them.

“Father.” Raising her tearful face, Bai Zhi cries, “Bai Xiao hooked up with a woman with a child! That little runt set me up today, and in spite knowing this, Bai Xiao still helped that wretched child bully me! You see my face? These injuries are caused by them!”

Only at the indication did Bai Zheng Xiang notice the scratch marks on his precious daughter’s face. Flying into a fitting rage: “How dare Bai Xiao do that! When he returns, have that boy come see me immediately!”

A flicker of malicious light filled Bai Zhi’s eye. Just the thought of what happened today would make her have a strong impulse to shred that little bastard into pieces.

“And that little bastard! Daddy, you must catch that little twerp so I can pay him back for good!”

“Don’t worry, Father will solve this for you.” Livid in his face, Bai Zheng Xiang starts making a crunching sound with his fist due to how hard he’s clenching them.

He didn’t like Bai Xiao to begin with. If not for the fact that the ungrateful kid was his only son, he wouldn’t have indulged the boy for so many years.

And now the boy’s even turning tail to help an outsider over his sister? If he doesn’t mercilessly teach the boy a lesson then he might really forget his last name starts with Bai!

“Calm down my husband,” rubbing her husband’s chest in a soothing motion, “Xiao is your son. Now that Bai Yan is back, plus the Lan House is holding a banquet in a few days, it won’t do if Xiao turns up injured at the event. Others will misunderstand and think we are maltreating him.”


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